Hey Truth Tellers,

Thank you so much for stumbling upon my Substack page, Bliss and Burnt Toast.

My name is Adrienne Helene and I am so happy you have joined me here on this wild journey. I have always been a writer, but like many writers, I was deterred from my passion at such a young age. Luckily for us, I found it again.

I started writing out loud during our COVID quarantine days. Just comical posts on Facebook about what it was like to live in isolation with twin 3-year olds. Not un- similar to being in an ashram with your favorite guru. Let’s just say the day to day spiritual lessons were flying through the air.

I am an Aries, so fire naturally courses through my veins. I am simply here to write out loud and ignite some freedom along the way.

Again, thank you so much for being here. It truly means a lot.

So much love.

Let’s rise,


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My life goal is to stop fucking with what the universe has planned for me. I write to breathe.


Writing is my favorite form of creative expression. I am lead by freedom, purpose, and joy. I am a women's life and wellness coach. I am the proud Mama of twin 6-year old daughters. I am forever grateful for their endless truth telling.